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just kidding turned 4 today!

just kidding turned 4 today!

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New locks ease fears at new school

I have a neighbor who is starting junior high this fall.  His biggest fear is not changing classes, or bigger kids, no, it is trying to remember his combination lock on the lockers.  The poor kid has actually been practicing on his new lock all week.
I can’t wait to tell him his problem is solved with this dialSpeed lock from Masterlock!

The dialSpeed(TM) Electronic Padlock allows users to store multiple set-your-own primary and guest codes. Each lock is also preprogrammed with a unique permanent Backup Master Code users can retrieve from - ensuring they never lose their combination again!

This is actually an electronic padlock.  I am amazed at this product!  you can set your own code, as well as codes for other users.  And in case of the dreaded forgotten code,  you can always retrieve your backup code at!  So there is virtually no way to lose your combination again. 

My neighbor can officially start worrying about the quality of the school lunches and who to ask to the first school dance!

You can check out this lock at: 

While you are on their facebook page, you can also test your safety and security knowledge and take the Master Combo Challenge!

** I am writing this because I am entering a contest for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.  But my opinions are still my own!

Doll Beauty 101

Last year my daughter received a Rapunzel doll from the Disney Movie tangled.  Before we knew it “tangled” was quite a literal description of what that long, flowing hair looked like.  Ever since then, I have been on a search for a way to comb dolls hair.  I have tried everything … steaming, brushing, even conditioner.  And I finally found a solution that works! 

Fabric softener!!  just dilute it 50/50 in water apply to hair, and brush.  Wig brushes (available in beauty supply stores) work best for this because they are made of wire that won’t pull, stretch, and otherwise damage this synthetic hair. 

My 3 year old loves to have a “Beauty Salon” day where we comb all the dolls hair.  Bonus:  the doll smells great! 

Already looking for Christmas Cards? Check this one out!

Stationery cardView the entire collection of cards.

Discounted Tickets for your next night out!

I love the idea of taking the kids to a play, or getting a sitter and going out with your spouse for a night on the town.  But tickets can be so expensive!  I recently found a website that offers discounted (& sometimes free) tickets.

We recently bought circus tickets here for the family at 1/2 off.  I also noticed comedy show tickets that were free and everything from musicals to medieval times! 

Try it and let me know what you think …

Easing Back to School Anxiety

Getting kids into back to school mode is difficult!  Especially when kids are transitioning to a larger campus for jr.high or high school.  The last things kids need are parents who are anxious too!  My favorite tip to make the transition easier is to visit the campus now, and look through all the windows.  Bring some snacks/treats and eat at the lunch tables, look in the windows, and take some time to talk about things you are excited about and scared of.

I found a video from Masterlock that uses humor to discuss back to school topics HERE.

And if your child is using a locker for the first time or just likes the latest and greatest back to school items, MasterLock has some cool new products! be sure to look at this easy to use lock while you are there.

Check out MasterLock’s contests on their facebook page: Such great prizes!  I am hoping to win a new lock by writing this post!!

Green Works Green Tips

New on Greenworks (a green cleaner brand from Clorox) Facebook page are “green it yourself tips” from handyman Carter Oosterhouse!  These videos are quick and informative with tips for almost every room in the house: Here is a link to the face book page so you can view them yourself. 
No time to watch videos?  My favorite tips were in the kitchen (I love to cook!!).  Carter brought up the point about cooking with the fan on to reduce air pollutants while you are cooking.  No matter how good it smells, smoke or fumes are NOT good to breathe!  And if it doesn’t smell good (cauliflower anyone??) you REALLY don’t want those fumes in your house.  Another tip - don’t use nonstick - they contain chemicals you don’t want in your food!

FYI: **This post is actually an entry into the mombloggers club greenworks giveaway**  (but is still my honest opinion of course!)

Summer Vacation

4 weeks left of school!  I am not sure how that happened, but I do know we have to start planning our summer vacation!  I am considering a road trip to yosemite, but am thinking twice about the long drive.  Yosemite has always been a great time for the entire family - all ages.  But can we do the all-day drive??  Luckily I found a new promotion from twizzlers that will make the drive more tolerable - check out the chance to win candy, a cooler, and a beach towel… click here for more details.  You know, twizzlers wont melt in the car and make great prizes for the winner of the license plate or alphabet game!twizzler

I am entering the contest by writing this blog and hope I win!  Please post with your favorite vacation, and your road trip boredom-busters.

I look forward to hearing where you are going!

Here is an example of a typical “photo session”  First picture is great, but why was I letting her hold a banana?  By the second photo, I only had the attention of half of my subjects, and by the third photo neither face was in my view.

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